Motor Skills

  • Lifting head, rolling from side to side, and crawling

  • Practicing standing and walking with direct support from attentive teachers

  • Coordinating body movements through music and dance

Language Skills

  • Engaging with others by expressing needs through babbling, gestures, and facial expressions

  • Imitating teachers’ speech rhythms and inflections

  • Interacting with picture books, puppets, and photo cards. Listening to stories, songs, rhymes, and finger plays

Sensory Skills

  • Exploring the environment through the five senses

  • Engaging with objects of different shapes, sizes, and textures

  • Experimenting with concepts of spatial orientation and cause and effect

Infant Program

6 weeks - 1 1/2 years

Children from ages 6 weeks until 18 months will be enrolled in our infant program. Our infant program is designed to develop your child’s motor, language and sensory abilities. You and the teacher help develop a daily schedule that works best for your growing infant.

Some of the skills we work on: